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The Young Israel Of East Northport is highly regarded as the most reliable synagogue in Suffolk County where a Minyan can consistently be found.

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Parshas: BO

The Torah commands us to retell the story of our exodus from Egypt each year at the Pesach seder. The Mechilta says the matzah and maror must be on the table when we discuss the story because they helped us get redeemed from Egypt. Don't we eat the matzah and maror to commemorate the various events that occurred in Egypt? Why were the Jewish people eating matzah and maror before the redemption? Rav Shimon Schwab zt"l writes the Jews were commanded to eat matzah and maror before they left Egypt for no reason other than the fact that Hashem commanded them to do so. This is why one of the verses in the Torah calls matzah and maror "chukas hapesach" which means the statutes of Pesach that have no reasoning. G-d wanted to see if the people would heed his words even if there wasn't a logical reason given. Once G-d saw the Jews listened to Him and ate the matzah and maror solely because He said so Hashem saw the Jews were ready to be redeemed. This is the secret to our future redemption as well. We must work on our observance to do the mitzvos for no other purpose other than G-d said so. I have heard people question certain mitzvos and its relevance to our times. This is an absolutely incorrect mindset. We follow ALL mitzvos because G-d said so no if's, and's, or but's. If we have this attitude, G-d will see our seriousness and bring the ultimate redemption speedily in our days!

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Kiddush is sponsored by Dr. & Mrs. Harold & Toby Schechter in honor of the forthcoming marriage of their daughter Jessica to Aaron Herring.

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• Sunday morning breakfast and learning will take place at 9:20 with Rabbi Grossman.


• TWO AND A HALF MONTHS AWAY! The Shul’s annual journal dinner will take place on March 31st, 5:00 PM at the Crest Hollow Country Club.


• Rabbi Loewy’s Monday Evening Ladies class on "Shearim B'Tefilla takes place every week at 7:45.


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YIEN'S First Potatoe Harvest Sunday October 7th

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