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The Young Israel Of East Northport is highly regarded as the most reliable synagogue in Suffolk County where a Minyan can consistently be found.

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Morning Minyan: Monday – Friday 6:45 am; Sunday 8:30 am

Young Israel of East Northport Weekly Newsletter   


 Parshas: NASSO


This week’s newsletter is sponsored by Drs. Brian and Bonnie Gilman in honor of Ben’s homecoming from Israel. If you would like to sponsor a future newsletter, please contact Rabbi Loewy or a Board member


       Parshas Nasso is the longest parsha in the Torah with a grand total of 176 verses. If we take a look at the last three aliyos, it gets quite repetitive with the Torah saying over and over again the gifts the priests brought at the inauguration of the Tabernacle. Each one mirrored his fellow priest and brought basically the same gift. We are well aware that there is not a single extra word or letter in the Torah so why did the Torah feel a need to delineate each one’s gifts. It would have sufficed to simply say all the priests brought the following gift and we could have conserved over 50 verses in the Torah. I heard from my friend Rabbi Menachem Weiss a beautiful idea. Our Parsha is coming to teach us a very pivotal lesson. We should not think for a moment that we are one of a million Jews living in the world and we don’t matter much. Each individual Jew is so precious to G-d and is like an “only child” to Hashem. G-d wanted to make sure that each priest had their time to shine and not just combine all of them into one. Each one of our prayers and mitzvos mean so much to G-d and He treasures all of them


Have a Wonderful Shabbos  


  • This week’s kiddush is sponsored by Drs. Brian & Bonnie Gilman in honor of Ben’s return home from a successful year in Yeshiva in Israel.
  • Thank you to all of those who helped make Shavuos in our shul so inspiring and uplifting! The Shul was “on fire” Shavuos night with so many people learning and preparing to receive the Torah. A special thanks to the following families for sponsoring the many events over Shavuos:
    • Rabbi & Rebbetzin Chaim Bausk in memory of Rebbetzin Bausk’s mother, Malka Fruma bas Reb Chaim HaLevi.
    • Rabbi & Rebbetzin Yosef Loewy in honor of the special members of our shul and as a zechus for a refuah shleima for Mr. Ken Leibowitz.
    • Mrs. Valerie Klueger for sponsoring the delicious cheese cake in honor of meeting her husband Mr. Moshe Klueger on Shavuos.
    • Mr. & Mrs. Mark & Mindy Badash in memory of their fathers, Jack Badash and Murray Korenberg and in honor of the one-year anniversary of Rabbi & Rebebtzin Loewy coming to East Northport.
    • Mrs. Ellen Hynes
    • Mrs. Esther Drach
    • Mr. & Mrs. Ben & Shulamith Guterman
    • Drs. Brian & Bonnie Gilman
    • Mr. & Dr. Coby & Ann Haddad
    • Mrs. Barbara Feinstein
    • Mr. & Mrs. Adam & Suzy Bloom for providing flowers to decorate the shul in honor of Shavuos.
    • Anonymous


                                 Upcoming Shul Events

  • Sunday morning Breakfast and Learning with Rabbi Loewy this week at 9:20 AM.
  • NEXT SUNDAY! Please join us NEXT Sunday, June 23rd for a Pre-summer sisterhood brunch with an interactive fruit carving presentation with Esther Zafrani of Glorious Creations Desserts. Each woman will create 3 of her own beautiful and delicious fruit creations! $25 admissions per person. PLEASE RSVP to by Tuesday, June 18th. If you are interested in sponsoring the event, please contact the Rebbetzin.
  • Please join us for a July 4th shul wide SUMMER BBQ on Thursday, July 4th with delicious food and entertainment! Fantastic surprises for all ages!
  • MARK YOUR CALENDARS!! Back by popular demand!!! The Traveling Chassidim will be returning to East Northport this Shabbos Nachamu, August 17th!!! Please join for an inspiring and uplifting Shabbos! Many more details to follow!
  • The Rabbi’s Monday evening ladies class will not take place this week due to the LITN Dinner.
  • To Sponsor a kiddush, Sunday morning breakfast and learning, or other shul event, please contact Mr. Ben Guterman @



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