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The Young Israel Of East Northport is highly regarded as the most reliable synagogue in Suffolk County where a Minyan can consistently be found.

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Young Israel of East Northport Weekly Newsletter   


 Parshas: BEHOR

This week’s newsletter is sponsored by Mrs. Esther Drach in honor of Max Blooms Bar-Mitzvah.

If you would like to sponsor a future newsletter, please contact Rabbi Loewy or a Board member.


      When discussing the laws of the sabbatical year, the Torah tells us “one
should not cause pain to their brother”. R’ Moshe Feinstein zt”l explains the
correlation between the laws of the sabbatical and refraining from causing
grief to another Jew. The principle behind laying one’s land fallow for a year
is demonstrating that G-d controls all my money and I am in His hands. If one
is a firm believer in this, they will never come to cause even the smallest
amount of pain monetarily to a fellow Jew. One would not over charge a
friend or do anything of the like because ultimately everything is in Hashem’s
hands and there is no logical reason to tamper with someone else’s money.
The sabbatical reminds us that the almighty is in constant control of every
cent we make and every cent we lose. If we do our part, he will surely do His.



Have a Wonderful Shabbos  


• Thank you to Drs. Charles & Adina Famulare for sponsoring last week’s
Sunday morning breakfast in honor of Max’s Bar-Mitzvah.

• There will be a woman’s shalosh sheudos at the home of Rabbi and
Rebbetzin Loewy this week at 7:40 pm. All are encouraged to join.

• Please join us for a delicious, inspiring and entertaining Shavuos
Luncheon on the second day of Shavuos, Monday, June 10th. $18 per person,
$36 max per family. PLEASE RSVP to as soon as possible. Deadline to respond is Sunday, June 2nd.

• If you are interested in sponsoring any of the many events which will take place over Shavuos including a
delicious luncheon, all night learning with Rabbi Loewy in the shul, a woman’s class at the Loewy’s & more please contact Adam Bloom.

• Please join us for a July 4th shul wide SUMMER BBQ on Thursday, July 4th with delicious food and entertainment! Fantastic surprises for all ages!

• Attention women and girls!Please join us on Sunday, June 23rd for a Pre-summer sisterhood brunch with an interactive fruit carving presentation with Esther Zafrani of Glorious Creations Desserts. Each woman will create 3 of her own beautiful and delicious fruit creations!$25 admissions per person. PLEASE RSVP to If you are interested in sponsoring the event, please contact the Rebbetzin.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS!! Back by popular demand!!! The Traveling Chassidim will be returning to East Northport this Shabbos Nachamu, August 17th!!! Please join for an inspiring and uplifting Shabbos! Many more details to follow!


• YIEN has officially launched our new Yartzheit reminder program. If you would like to add a name to be sent a reminder for, or know anyone who would be interested in receiving a reminder, please contact or 

                                 Upcoming Shul Events

  • Sunday Morning Breakfast and Learning will take place this week at 9:20 am with Rabbi Loewy. The topic will be “Did the Jew’s really become a nation on Pesach Sheni”?
  • Please join us on Sunday, May 19 in planting this year’s garden and enhancing the outer appearance of the shul! Please contact Dr. Charles Famulare for more information.
  • The Monday evening Ladies Class on Shearim B’Tefilla with Rabbi Loewy meets every week at 7:45 pm.


• To Sponsor a kiddush, Sunday morning breakfast and learning, or other shul event, please contact Mr. Ben Guterman @ 


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